Monday, August 4, 2008

Tried Polish Pastel -- Quite Enjoyable!

Today's haul includes 6 Paul Robesons (one 9 ounces), 6 Stupice, 4 Black Plum Pastes, 4 Salisaw Cafes, a very nice looking Black Krim (8.5 ounces, front yard), Kimberly, Chocolate Stripes, Cherokee Chocolate, Piccolo and Green Grape.

The tomato totals dropped off dramatically today, only 26.

A Painted Ukrainian continues to mature. Right now it looks a bit like Red Yellow Cap – quite yellowish with some faint reddish markings – but the mature tomato should be pinkish. Fortunately, it's in a position on the plant that is impossible for our Manchester Terrier to pick off.

We tried Polish Pastel last night and liked it a lot. It has a complex taste, but quite enjoyable.

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