Saturday, December 19, 2009

I've Lost Interest for the 2009 Tomatoes

Not much has happened with the tomatoes. The front yard tomatoes look worse than the back yard tomatoes but it all doesn't matter – we're pulling them all. We went through about three rain storms and there was an extended drying period. Then we were busy. The zombie plants just sat there.

Yesterday our gardener took out Mong and Old Ivory Egg. Also, he got rid of all the branches that were hanging over the “koi pond” fence. That has more than filled up our green trash can. We'll wait until they are emptied and if time permits, we'll pull out some more plants.

I actually did harvest about a half dozen tomatoes in the back yard...but because of the freeze followed by about a week of rain I've lost interest.

Here's the top 10 harvest totals for 2009:

Snow White(1): 1419

Red Currant: 1278

Snow White(2): 1110

Black Cherry: 946

Yellow Perfection: 545

Babywine: 517

White Currant: 448

Husky Cherry Red (back yard): 409

Red Grape: 370

Jaune Coeur de Pigeon: 365

Total counted harvest came to 11,155 tomatoes. It was a really good year!