Sunday, May 3, 2015

Planted 16 More Seedlings!

Big day today.

Camille came over to watch our son. That left us to dig lots of holes and plant lots of tomatoes.

In the morning I brought over three more wheelbarrows of compost to the "koi pond" and smoothed out the compost piles. I did the same for the back yard compost piles. Then I dug six holes in the "koi pond" and took a break for breakfast.

It was significantly warmer after breakfast. I dug a hole or two in the back yard and stopped for exhaustion. These back yard holes were trouble because they were in virgin, rocky areas. It took a significant amount of time to clear out about two feet of dirt. I took a shower in the afternoon and took a short nap.

Meanwhile my wife was furiously planting behind me in both the front and back yards.

In the evening I dug three more holes in the "koi pond" and one really rocky hole in the back yard. My wife filled all the holes (save one in the "koi pond" that she thought was too close to another seedling) with seedlings.

Eight tomato plants were planted in the back yard: Green Grape, Red Pear Piriform, Chef's Choice Orange, Green Zebra, Tasmanian Chocolate, Thessaloniki, Speckled Roman and Large Barred Boar.

Eight tomato plants were planted in the front yard: Black Cherry, Paul Robeson, Carol Chyko's Big Paste Black, Earl of Edgecombe, Japanese Black Trifele, Berkeley Tie-Dye, Emmy and Stupice.

I believe we have around seven more seedlings to plant.