Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lime Green Salad, Aker's Plum Have Tomatoes!

Not much time for tomatoes these past two days.

On Friday, I had just enough time to pick tomatoes before going to a charity event. I picked 23 Red Currants, 2 Husky Cherry Reds and a Taxi tomato.

Today, I watered the front and back yards. While watering, I noticed the last Lime Green Salad and Akers Plum had tomatoes. Others may be on as well but I didn't look too closely in the heat of the afternoon. After watering I picked 30 Red Currants, a Red Robin and 2 Husky Cherry Red tomatoes. After picking I took a shower and babysat in the evening.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Only Enough Time To Pick 'Em

I didn't have much time in the evening except to harvest tomatoes – 3 Husky Cherry Reds, 25 Red Currants and one Red Robin.

The Red Robin was a surprise. While walking in the house I looked underneath the leaves and hey, there's one ready to harvest! In fact it may have been a day or two later than I'd normally harvest it.

I may have a big harvest of Red Currants tomorrow. There's plenty of orange tomatoes that may be ripe very soon.

Harvested And Watered

I harvested 17 Red Currants, 5 Husky Cherry Reds and a Patio tomato.

I watered the front and back yard tomatoes, but little else. I was simply too tired, and I went to bed early.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Black Krim Has a Tomato; Garden Peaches Harvested

I added fertilizer to all the container plants this evening and added fertilizer to some of the plants in the ground. Then I watered the container plants.

I added green fencing around the two tomato plants near the curb, Lime Green Salad and Piccolo.

I looked at a few tomatoes in the back yard...Black Krim has a small tomato!

While looking at the tomatoes in the front yard, I noticed that Garden Peach had two yellow tomatoes! I let my wife whether or not to pick them and she chose to pick them.

I harvested 16 Red Currants today.

I think I know why the Lime Green Salad in the “koi pond” has no tomatoes. In the late afternoon Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter casts a perfect shadow over it. It has plenty of blooms, but the lack of direct sun should slow it down a bit.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Three More Backyard Tomatoes!

Tonight I picked 17 Red Currants, a Taxi, Patio and two Husky Cherry Red tomatoes.

It looks like Husky Cherry Red will be harvested nearly every day, joining Red Currant. I've picked Husky Cherry Reds for three days straight and there a few more that are orange, close to being picked. I've picked Red Currants for 14 days straight and will be picking for many days to come.

This is the first day where I've picked four different tomatoes. The tide is slowly coming in, but it's coming in!

I checked on the tomatoes in the back yard, and there's three plants with new tomatoes! Lime Green Salad, Stupice and – I'm very happy to report – a very, very tiny Zhezha! Zhezha has come all the way back! On a slightly odd note, the only Lime Green Salad that doesn't have a tomato is the one in the “koi pond”, our signature area.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cherokee Chocolate

I've mentioned previously how well Cherokee Chocolate appears to be doing. It's only about 2 feet tall, but it has tomatoes and blooms everywhere. This is already a candidate for the most productive beefsteak for 2008.

I showed this plant to my wife, saying how it looked like a happy plant and all the other things in the last paragraph. Take a look at the picture below.

Her first thought was that it looks like a cluster (or vine) tomato, where you get five or six on each row. By golly, it sure looks like a cluster tomato.

Is this a great producing beefsteak tomato of a mislabeled cluster tomato? Let's wait and see.

Watering Done

I watered the front and back yards this morning. Tomatoes look fine, branches growing about an inch a day. I need to constantly manage the vines.

In watering the front yard, I shook the hose to get rid of a kink in the line. In the process, I knocked off part of Jaune Flamme, including a growing tomato. Note to self: Next time, walk over and manually take out the kink.

Yesterday I added paper mulch to some of the tomato plants in the back, completing that chore. Also, I used tomato tape for a couple of the plants in the back yard, getting their branches off of the ground.

Red Currant has been so productive in the early going that we've surpassed last year's totals at this time.

My wife picked a Husky Cherry Red this afternoon. We'll be picking more later today.