Thursday, May 17, 2012

Harvested Husky Cherry Red(1)!

Today's harvest: Husky Cherry Red(1).

I did some quick tomato plant "training" yesterday evening. During that training session I noticed Nyagous(1), Crimson Cushion, Carmello, Indigo Rose and Matt's Wild Cherry with growing tomatoes.

I've given up on Vorlon(2). Time permitting, we'll replace that tomato plant.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Harvested Husky Cherry Red(2)!

Yesterday's harvest: Husky Cherry Red(2).

Yesterday we harvested our first tomato of 2012, Husky Cherry Red(2)!. My wife split it in two at dinner time. The tomato was small (about penny sized) but tasted great!

Last year we didn't harvest a tomato in May.

Husky Cherry Red(1) has a maturing tomato on it. Another Husky Cherry Red(2) just began to darken as well.

The newly planted Pineapple(2) looks good. Italian Tree is growing by leaps and bounds.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Husky Cherry Red(2) Has A Ripening Tomato!

Well, let's catch up on things...

Wednesday I noticed that Husky Cherry Red(2) has a ripening tomato! In fact, it may be ready in a couple of days. The reason we have a tomato ripening early is we planted it early, in late February.

Thursday a couple friends of ours stopped by for dinner and brought by a late birthday present -- a grafted Pineapple tomato! We had a real fun time with Kevin and Allison and their daughter. Thanks for stopping by!

On Friday my wife purchased a hay bale and we brought it into the back yard. We still need to distribute the hay around the garden but at least we have it available to do so.

During all this time I'm doing minor "training" on the tomato plants.

On Saturday we had an early Mother's Day celebration with our respective mothers. After the celebration we went to Whole Foods, which was just next door. There they were selling E. B. Stone's worm castings and we picked up two bags. There's something ironic (but not wrong!) about a place known for the quality of their food selling worm excrement in the store.

When we got home we planted Pineapple(2). Now we have 93 tomatoes in the ground.

Today my wife put some worm castings in with all our tomatoes. She watered the front yard while I watered the back yard. I clipped a lot of low branches from all the back yard tomatoes. I also noticed that Yellow Perfection, Green Grape and Ella's Pink Plum had growing tomatoes on them!