Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Harvested Sunchocola!

Sunday's harvest: 2 Stupice.

Monday's harvest: Stupice.

Tuesday's harvest: 2 Stupice and Sunchocola for a total of 3 tomatoes. I got a little bit of tomato training in the evening.

Black SeaMan is dead. We won't be getting anything from this plant. The transplanted Volunteer(4) is looking better and Purple Bumble Bee looks just fine. We'll see if they can produce some fruit after the late (trans)planting...

Today's harvest: Stupice and Sunchocola for a total of 2 tomatoes.

I woke up early to catch up on tomato training all the plants. Also, I fertilized and watered the front yard tomato plants.

During my rounds I noticed that Green Zebra had a growing tomato. That plant is in one of the pots near the south fence that doesn't get a lot of sun...

I had some Stupice and Sunchocola tomatoes today, they were tasty. Good stuff!