Friday, June 7, 2013

Planted Two SunGold Tomatoes On Monday

Well, there's a lot to catch up on...

My wife and I planted two very leggy SunGold tomato plants in the back yard on Monday.

I had one hole dug out over a week ago but we never got around to planting one of the SunGolds. I had a hard time digging out the first hole and wasn't looking forward to duplicating the experience. I pushed it out of my mind. Monday night my wife reminded me about it. So we agreed to have her plant one SunGold and I'll start on the second hole. I started the second hole about three feet west of the first one. I was clearly hitting an area that wasn't previously dug but it was a breeze by comparison. I had a hole ready in about 20 minutes. So we planted both SunGolds.

While this was going on we added fertilizer to the back yard containers. Yesterday my wife watered all the back yard tomatoes, so the fertilizer got soaked in to the ground.

This is an incomplete list of new tomato plants with growing tomatoes, but here goes: Jersey Giant, Green Grape, Kellogg's Breakfast, Husky Red(1) and German Orange Strawberry.

I found out last week that the French tomato I thought was spelled "Prement" is really spelled "Piement" (like "pimiento"). The tomatoes on this plant look quite interesting. They remind me somewhat of string beans.

Why are we busy? Our house is being painted and we're getting a new water heater for starters. We bought a new air conditioner. I'm dealing with some family matters as well. I may have more news to share in the future but for now that is all...