Thursday, March 13, 2014

The 2014 Growing Season Has Started!

Today I planted one purchased seedling and 11 of our seedlings grown from seed.

In the ground are Stupice (purchased), Beauty King, Porkchop, Berkeley Tie Dye, Evan's Purple Pear, Pink Berkeley Tie Dye, Solar Flare, Persimmon (seeds from The Tomato Lady of Beverly Hills, not the more famously named Persimmon), Green Grape and Pineapple Pig.

I also planted two duplicates by mistake: Persimmon and Pineapple Pig. I meant to plant a second Persimmon but in the front yard. There's a good chance I'll still plant one there.

So 12 are in the ground and they look pretty good! All of them were planted in the "Far East" in the back yard.

The 2014 growing season has started!