Friday, June 20, 2014

No Watering This Week

Wednesday's harvest includes 20 Orange Paruche, 4 Yellow Perfection, 3 Sunchocola and Stupice for a total of 28 tomatoes.

A Sugar Snack and a Stupice were lost to birds in spite of the nets.

I brought half of our remaining tomatoes to our computer user group meeting. They were gone pretty quickly. One person described the tomatoes as "candy".

Thursday's harvest includes 12 Orange Paruche, 6 Yellow Perfection, 5 Sunchocola, 3 SunGold and 2 Stupice for a total of 28 tomatoes.

Today's harvest includes 15 Orange Paruche, 5 Yellow Perfection, 3 Stupice, Sunchocola, Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red and Sugar Snack for a total of 26 tomatoes.

We'll be "harvesting" a Hungarian Heart tomorrow. It broke off the branch early this week and has been maturing on a plate in the kitchen.

The other note is that we haven't watered at all this week. I believe the front yard was watered a week ago Thursday and the back yard a week ago Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two More Maturing Tomato Varieties

Today's harvest includes 10 Orange Paruche, 9 Sunchocola, 2 Stupice and SunGold for a total of 22 tomatoes.

I did a little bit of tomato taping in the back yard during the harvest.

No bird damage noted, though there were several scrub jays noted in the back yard. My wife added the top of a birdbath on top of a pot, making it functional. It is our hope that this will also help with some of the pecking. On our todo list is to add sand to the pot.

Both Adriana's Grande and Earliana have maturing tomatoes.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Harvested Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red!

Today's harvest includes 14 Orange Paruche, 7 SunGold, 6 Sunchocola, Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red (new), Yellow Perfection and Sugar Snack for a total of 30 tomatoes.

I did a little bit of tomato taping in the front yard during the harvest.

On the down side, I noticed a Jaune Flamme that got whacked (again, sigh) because our netting wasn't as tight as it could be. Also, the maturing Matt's Wild Cherry seemed to be completely gone. The SunGold tomatoes are difficult to harvest because the netting has been put on very well. But it makes it hard for my hand to get inside the netting to the mature tomatoes. And in the evening my wife found a partially eaten Sugar Snack in one of the raised beds.

On the upside, my wife told me about a ripe tomato in the front yard that I hadn't noticed. It was perfectly ready. After a brief description of where it was located, I realized it was Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red. Yum! That was a happy surprise.

In the evening my wife tightened the netting around Jaune Flamme. We added netting to Matt's Wild Cherry and Ananas Noire.

I discovered that Pierce's Pride, Dr. Wyche's Yellow and Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(2) have growing tomatoes!

Janet's Jacinthe Jewel has a maturing tomato. However, this tomato appears to be maturing because the plant is distressed.

We gave away today's harvest except Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red to a neighbor of ours.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Janet's Jacinthe Jewel Not Looking Healthy

Today's harvest includes 10 Sunchocola, 9 Orange Paruche, 5 SunGold, 2 Stupice, Yellow Perfection and Sugar Snack for a total of 28 tomatoes.

A relative was graduating from college this morning and we went to a lunch celebration in Pasadena. We brought all of today's harvest with us to share with relatives. This worked out well. The tomatoes were quite good and lunch was served late. At least we had these to tide us over for a bit!

I forgot to mention that on Thursday I watered the front yard tomato plants. Also, Black SeaMan was pulled.

In the evening we saw a scrub jay prancing around the back yard. Eventually this bird reached SunGold. The bird was attempting to peck at a mature tomato but got confused by the netting. The bird eventually gave up. Yes!

Janet's Jacinthe Jewel is not looking healthy. It's somewhat droopy and has a significant amount of yellow leaves.

I'm starting a new job tomorrow. I'm really, really looking forward to this.