Monday, April 22, 2013

Planted Four More Seedlings Tonight

Tonight I dug two more holes in the back yard. My wife planted Green Grape and Kellogg's Breakfast in these holes.

The rest of the planting will be done in containers and perhaps the redwood raised bed.

But before I dug, my wife had planted two Husky Red tomatoes in said containers. I'll need to check the tags but these appear to be different than Husky Cherry Red.

I Got Some Camera Time At Descanso Gardens...

Here's a YouTube link to Kaye Kittrell's "Late Bloomer at TomatoMania!" where I get some camera time at Descanso Gardens.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

4/20 Iris Show was a success; Planted 3 More Seedlings

I dug two holes in the backyard on Monday night. By Thursday morning, however, we hadn't put seedlings into these holes.

Catching up on other wife watered the front yard tomatoes on Sunday and the "south garden" tomatoes on Monday.

The planted seedlings are doing just fine. However the "south garden" tomatoes are particularly thriving. My wife planted all grafted tomatoes in this area. They are doing really, really well so far.


And as you've noticed, I've posted this on Sunday night. Some things happened between now and then...

All the seedlings got watered on Friday. And on Friday evening I turned the dirt in the redwood raised bed. Also, we planted two more seedlings, Indigo Rose and Japanese Black Trifele.

But my wife had been prepping for the San Fernando Valley Iris Society tour of our house on 4/20. She had been prepping feverishly for days on end, dead heading roses, clearing out the area just east of the south gate, planting strawberries, you name it. It's been a frenzy for several days.

Finally, the big day, Saturday. My wife surprised me by planting Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red(2) in the redwood raised bed. We moved some pots in the morning but a vast majority of the work was already done.

The first person showed up around noon, the last around 4PM, about 25 people in all. We suspect there would have been more if it wasn't so hot that day. But nonetheless it was a rousing success. Everyone was impressed with the garden in both the front and back yards. My wife thinks people talked about tomato seedlings more than irises, but I disagree. To a person, everyone was impressed.

Sunday was mostly a rest day for both of us. My wife was decompressing from Saturday's event and I've been battling something for several weeks. My wife thinks it's allergies. That's as good an explanation as anything out there.