Monday, December 28, 2009

Pulled Out Four Tomato Plants

After work on Christmas Eve I pulled four more tomato plants out of the ground – Snow White(1), Green Grape, White Currant and Garden Peach.

There were about a half dozen tomatoes on Snow White(2) that were ripe enough to harvest.

One thing I didn't mention – we had our ponderosa pine tree trimmed earlier this month. Most of the tree trimmings were put through the wood chipper and about half of the wood mulch was placed in our driveway.

Then the freeze came. I decided it was more important to prepare the ground for next year. Then the rains came, it continued to be cold, etc... The gardeners took out a couple and trimmed along the “koi pond” fence for the last trash run, and I took out some for this run. The remaining Snow White(1) tomato plant nearly took up the whole green trash can. It was massive!

We've distributed some of the mulch in the back yard but there's still a pile left. We have about 10 tomato plants remaining to pull.