Monday, February 3, 2014

Compost Project Finished; Tomato Seeds Planted

Catching up...

I deconstructed our large passive compost bin a few weeks ago. This involved taking out everything within the chicken wire fencing and making three piles. 1) Stuff that shouldn't have been in there in the first place (mostly pine needles) 2) Stuff that still needed to be decomposed and 3) The rest.

"The rest" involved good compost mixed in with decomposing stuff that was too small to filter out. My best description of the remaining compost was "compost paella".

This "paella" filled up at least a dozen cartfuls of material. Four of the cartfuls were put in the "corner office", three in the "South Garden" and the rest were spread among the raised beds. The spread in the "corner office" was so soft that our outdoor cat was leaving paw prints in the dirt!

After we processed all the compost, we stopped using the approximately seven foot in diameter chicken wire fencing and made a two foot in diameter chicken wire fencing for composting. It will be much easier to handle now. The #2 pile was added back to this fencing.

The composting project (for now) is finally done, done, done.

My wife started tomato seeds this year. Most of the seeds planted were from Wild Boar Farms. As of now they haven't germinated.