Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harvested Over 700 Front Yard Snow White Tomatoes This Year!

I'll spare you the numbers, but I have harvested over 700 Snow White (front yard) (704) tomatoes! The front yard Snow White tomato plant is basically the only good plant left.

We've pulled out eight more plants over the past 10 days. There are more to be pulled but there is simply more important things to do.

My wife has planted a bunch of winter vegetables, including two tomato plants.

Our September totals include 458 front yard tomatoes and 259 back yard tomatoes for a total of 717 harvested tomatoes for the month. My estimate of 650 harvested tomatoes was a good one.

Currently our totals for 2010 are 4185 front yard tomatoes harvested, 3435 back yard tomatoes harvested for a total of 7620 tomatoes harvested this year.