Monday, March 17, 2014

Two Volunteers Found, One Seedling Replaced

The next day after the original planting two tomatoes got hit by cutworms -- Green Grape and Evan's Purple Pear. Green Grape was completely sheared off. Evan's Purple Pear was hit but I decided to keep it.

Yesterday Green Grape was replaced yesterday with another Green Grape.

Here's an image of our tomato seed trays...

My wife informed me of two volunteers -- one tomato plant in the southwest corner of our northwest raised bed (which looks fabulous) and another one in the "South Garden" (which looks okay).

By the way, if the tomato seedlings from seeds look like they are struggling, I have no trouble pulling them out and replacing them. They were old seeds, planted a bit late, and raised without a grow light. I'll give them about a month to show what they got. The two Pineapple Pig seedlings do not look promising so far.