Friday, September 23, 2011

Pulled Four More Tomato Plants

Monday's harvest includes 7 Matt's Wild Cherry, Golden Mama, Jaune Flamme and Husky Gold for a total of 10 tomatoes.

Tuesday's harvest includes 8 Matt's Wild Cherry, 3 Jaune Flamme, 2 SunGold(1), SunSugar, Sweet Carneros Pink and Kellogg's Breakfast for a total of 17 tomatoes.

Wednesday's harvest includes 4 Matt's Wild Cherry, 2 Jaune Flamme and Stupice for a total of 7 tomatoes.

I added fertilizer to the back yard container plants.

Thursday's harvest includes 6 Matt's Wild Cherry, 2 SunGold(1), Green Grape, Orange And Green Zebra, Garden Peach and Pineapple for a total of 12 tomatoes.

I pulled out four more tomato plants: Big Zebra, Neves Azorean Red, Garden Peach and Green Doctors Kiwi(1) (not Green Doctors Kiwi).

We've now harvested 8700 tomatoes for the year!

Today's harvest includes 4 Matt's Wild Cherry, 2 Orange And Green Zebra, Aunt Ruby's German Green(3), SunSugar and SunGold(1) for a total of 9 tomatoes.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harvested Over 2600 Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes!

Today's harvest includes 8 Matt's Wild Cherry, Golden Mama, SunSugar and Garden Peach for a total of 11 tomatoes.

We've now harvested over 2600 Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes (2607)! Amazingly, this plant is starting to get another wind. For about a week I has harvesting tomatoes from this plant that were smaller than a pea but now they're nearly full size again.

The SunGold(1) tomato plant has been on a growth spurt lately. Let's hope it produces more tomatoes!

My wife watered both the front and back yards yesterday.