Friday, April 23, 2010

First Tomato Of The Season!

My wife pointed out another volunteer in the back yard. She had noticed it before but it was so small and only a few feet away from our ponderosa pine tree that we ignored it. Now it has grown to a size where it looks like it's not only surviving, but is going to thrive. I caged it so the dogs won't step on it.

I noticed that Stupice has a tomato growing on it! It's our first tomato of 2010. Well...maybe our second. You see, one of the Red Currants had a small tomato on it at the time of planting and we haven't removed it.

My wife and I will be working at the TomatoMania event at the Larchmont Charter School tomorrow. See you there!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Forgot One...

In the last post, I forgot to add a tomato given by the Tomato Lady of Beverly Hills. We planted White Cherry in a pot in the back yard.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Planted And Replanted Some More...

In the evening I planted SunGold in the space occupied by White Giant. I caged four of the tomato plants in the “koi pond”. Then I went in the back yard, took some needle-nosed pliers and fixed the cages the best I could.

I mixed potting soil and planting compost for a couple of back yard pots. In the first one my wife planted two Red Currant tomato plants. The second, larger pot contained Green Grape, Yellow Pear and Red Cherry. We also planted Green Zebra next to Sara Black.

We have one seedling left that my wife grew from seed in the ground (in a pot, actually, with Taxi), Sweetie. A couple of days ago I noticed the color was getting better. Yesterday my wife and I both noticed it had grown slightly.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Prepared And Planted The In-Law's Garden

On Friday my wife replaced one of our struggling seedlings in the “koi pond” with Aunt Ruby's German Green. She also planted Sweet 100 in a pot in the back yard, as well as watering as much of the front and back yards as time permits. I caged the volunteer in the front parkway.

On Saturday my wife and I visited her parents, and her father in particular. He's slowly recovering from surgery. In the late afternoon/early evening I turned the dirt in her open patch of dirt, made seven holes and prepared the dirt to go back into these holes. My wife planted the seven tomatoes. An image of these seedlings are at the top of this post.

On Sunday we noted that two of the replacement seedlings were doing poorly in the “koi pond”. I watered the seedlings in the “koi pond” but after visiting our former neighbor in Rancho Palos Verdes, the two bad seedlings didn't look any better. Fortunately we have replacement seedlings if we so choose to use them. One of the bad seedlings looks like it was fatally damaged by cutworms.

We plan to plant some more in pots this evening.