Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Planted Three More Seedlings, But Replaced Two

Today we replaced Green Grape with Black Cherry and we replaced Miss Elliott Persimmon (not Persimmon) with two Miss Elliott Persimmon seedlings. Also, we planted Husky Cherry Red in one of the raised beds.

The planted and remaining seedlings have all been watered over the past two days.

You know what, I need to identify the raised beds. We have five raised beds. One uses redwood while the others use cinder block. I'll identify them by going east to west, north to south. The first east/west row has three beds, the second east/west row has two beds.

The first raised bed contains a volunteer. The second raised uses redwood and contains no tomato plants. The third raised bed has the volunteer that's growing like a weed. The fourth raised bed has the recently planted Husky Cherry Red. The fifth raised bed contains another tomato volunteer.

My wife put shade cloths against some of the back yard tomato cages. Some of the plants were beginning to wilt.

I dug into the container that held Rosella Purple last year (if memory serves, this tomato was mislabeled...), hoping to prove that we didn't need to worry about cutworms. After digging around, I found nearly a dozen cutworms, though none were adult sized. However, the point was made, we need to sift through the dirt.