Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Sunchocola Tomato Is Maturing

Friday's harvest: 2 Stupice.

Before my wife watered the back yard tomatoes, I added tomato fertilizer to all of them. We also remade about a dozen "moats". That was the hard work and my wife did most of it. Some of the "moats" we had remade just two or three weeks ago.

I noticed that Black Icicle had growing tomatoes.

Today's harvest: Stupice.

I did some more training of the front and back yard tomatoes. I noticed that Pineapple has a growing tomato.

Also, a Sunchocola tomato is turning brown and will be our next harvestable tomato. It looks like we're going to get an awesome production from this plant.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

We're Harvesting!

Tuesday's harvest includes 3 Stupice.

We're harvesting! We tried a couple of the Stupice and they taste like you'd expect -- a fresh tomato with a "classic" tomato taste. Nothing spectacular, nothing unusual, just a tomato you can slice in half and toss it into a salad. We're off to the races!

I added fertilizer to Black SeaMan. My wife watered it in and trimmed the burned leaves (the dogs pee on this plant for some reason). The plant does not look good but we hope for a turnaround.

Wednesday's harvest includes 2 Stupice.

My wife replaced the destroyed Blush with Momotaro.

Today's harvest includes 3 Stupice.

I cut a lot of the low branches for all the tomatoes again and did a lot of training. During my cutting and training I noticed several plants with tomatoes. These include German Orange Strawberry, Black Krim, Snow White, Pierce's Pride and Nyagous.

Every plant in the "koi pond" now has a growing tomato except Berkeley Tie Dye.

I added a stake to support Volunteer(2).

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Koi Pond Image; Wanna watch the numbers?

Here's an image of our "koi pond", taken last Friday.

The closest plant to the right is Hungarian Heart. The closest to the left, Bread and Salt. And you can see there's a forest toward the back end of the "koi pond". Sunchocola is nearly 5 feet tall now.

Would you like to follow on line? I have an online spreadsheet of the upcoming harvest. If you have any sort of interest or curiosity, provide me an email address and I'll grant you view access to the spreadsheet.

Six More Plants With Growing Tomatoes

I did a fair amount of tomato training on Saturday. Also, I added cages to the three container plants near the south gate.

I looked over the tomatoes and found a few more plants with tomatoes. In the "corner office", Bloody Butcher and Indigo Apple had tiny tomatoes. In the "koi pond", Vorlon had a very tiny tomato.

Among the raised beds in the back yard, Volunteer(1) and Husky Cherry Red(1) have growing tomatoes. In the ground within the back yard, Persimmon(1) (not Persimmon) -- the south plant of the two plants -- has a growing tomato. I think there were others but it's too warm at the moment to back check.

Orange Paruche has stiff branches that are hard to train. I've already broken a couple of branches off of this plant. The tomatoes on Bread and Salt are growing rapidly.

Stupice has about a half dozen tomatoes ripening. We should have ripe tomatoes before the end of the month!