Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Harvest

Saturday's harvest: 3 Snow White(2), 2 Babywine, White Currant and a back yard Husky Cherry Red for a total of 7 tomatoes.

Sunday: No harvest done.

Patio Princess was pulled and placed in the compost bin.

A couple of days ago I was going to pull White Currant. The plant is quite brittle. I thought that the half dozen or so growing tomatoes on one of the branches was broken, but later I checked it with my wife nearby and realized that the end of the broken branch had no tomatoes on it. And we discovered two or three growing tomatoes elsewhere and hey, there's a ripe tomato on one of the vines! So we'll keep it around.

Monday's harvest: 2 Snow White(2) and White Zebra for a total of 3 tomatoes.