Friday, May 20, 2011

Seven More Plants With Tomatoes

More plants with tomatoes include Indian Stripe, Portuguese Neighbour, Kellogg's Breakfast, Pierces's Pride, Black and Brown Boar, Crimson Cushion (2) and Australian Giant Oxheart.

I'm getting into a routine of training the tomato plants every other day. That will increase to every day shortly.

We now have three volunteers in the raised bed. One has about 15 tomatoes on it. A second one is sprouting about eight feet away. Yesterday we noticed a third had sprouted within an inch of the volunteer with 15 tomatoes. It looked like one plant, but is really two plants.

Some of our plants are already nearly 3 feet tall. Almost all have great color.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Planted Black From Tula and Black Zebra

On Saturday I put together a shed and fixed the fence surrounding the “koi pond”. My wife deep watered the front yard tomatoes. Some in the back yard were deep watered as well. 

I noticed Patio had more than one tomato.

Today we gave up on the Berkeley Tie Dye I damaged in April. We still have a Berkeley Tie Dye grown from seed in the same space but it has not grown significantly in quite some time. We put a Black From Tula in the same place. We also planted a Black Zebra in an area near some beets. Plants (not tomatoes) in pots were moved all over the place on the patio.

My wife continued to deep water the back yard tomatoes.