Saturday, November 26, 2011

Harvested Over 5000 Front Yard Tomatoes!

Wednesday's harvest: 4 SunGold(1) tomatoes.

Thursday's harvest includes 8 SunGold(1), Green Doctors Kiwi and SunSugar for a total of 10 tomatoes.

Today's harvest includes 9 SunGold(1) and SunSugar for a total of 10 tomatoes.

We've now harvested over 5000 front yard tomatoes (5004)!

Also, we've now harvested 375 SunSugar tomatoes.

The cold weather is taking a toll on the remaining productive plant, SunGold(1). But the plant is still productive and will be in the short term. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Harvested Over 9000 Tomatoes For The Year!

Today's harvest includes 5 SunGold(1), Green Doctors Kiwi(2) and SunSugar for a total of 7 tomatoes.

We've now harvested over 9000 tomatoes for the year (9004)! While this won't be the largest harvest we've had, we've been happy with the taste of this year's tomatoes.

Several people I know have reported a year that was just okay. I believe we've done better than just "okay". However, in my five years of harvesting, this year will come right in the middle of the pack -- 3rd highest total.

I've also harvested 25 Green Doctor's Kiwi(2) tomatoes.