Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Raised Bed Made; Tomato Seeds Planted

Over the weekend we've put together our raised bed. It looks quite nice. I'll post an image or two after we've prepared the “soil” and planted seeds in it.

Over the last three days my wife has been planting tomato seeds. We had to get the pulp cups, the soil, spray bottles (for watering), masking tape and the popsicle sticks (though the first batches we bought were colored and the color came off on your hand...gotta return them for plain popsicle sticks to write on). Then my wife did the tedious work of filling a couple hundred pulp cups with soil and planting seeds in each of the two hundred or so cups.

From what I understand, my wife is growing six of each of these varieties:

Aunt Ruby's German Green
Bicolor Cherry
Black and Red Boar (I think it's Black and Brown Boar)
Black Krim
Black Sea Man
Brandywine (Red and Yellow)
Brown Cherry
Cherokee Purple
Chocolate Stripes
Crimson Cushion
Eva Purple Ball
Fantom du Laos
Garden Peach
Gardener's Delight
Green Grape (cherry)
Green Zebra
Gold Nugget (cherry)
Indian Stripe
Jaune Couer de Pigeon
Kang Bing
Negro Azteca
Oaxacan Jewel
Quedlinburger Fruehe Liebe
Snow White (cherry)
Speckled Roman
Sundrop (cherry)
Sweetie (cherry)

And the Encino Tomatomania event will be held March 26-28 of this year.

See you there!