Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tomato Plants Growing Strong

Sorry I haven't posted in quite a while.

The plants are growing strongly. My wife was training the tomatoes last week, though I did get around to training the plants on Sunday.

The front yard is being raided by the neighbor's rabbits. So far they have left the tomato plants (mostly) alone but I doubt that detente will continue when the fruit matures.

Saturday and Sunday were very hot for May. Saturday's high: 103.0. Sunday's high, 102.6. Blistering. This will sterilize a lot of the blooms on the plants. But strangely, this heat wave was so soon that most of the plants do not have a lot of blooms.

Sunday morning my wife and I quickly watered the plants -- my wife did the front yard and the "south garden" and I did the back yard not including the "south garden" -- before the blistering heat set in.

About half the plants in the front yard have tomatoes. Shah/Mikado has tomatoes in the backyard "south garden".

I'll make a list later, but for now the planted tomatoes are growing and looking good.