Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Koi Pond" Image

Here's a picture of our "koi pond" in the front yard. I believe this was taken on Tuesday.

The first plant to the left is Sunchocola, with growing tomatoes. The first on the right is Yellow Perfection.

The plants are going crazy mostly because of the heat but the prep work with compost and the seedless hay is obviously helping...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sunchocola Has Growing Tomatoes!

Yesterday the back yard tomato plants in the ground were double watered. Today, the container plants were watered and the front yard tomato plants were double watered. Some minor plant training was done as well.

The heat wave has already kicked in...

I noticed that Sunchocola has several growing tomatoes! And the fun continues...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Finished Tomato Planting for 2014

During the week I did a little bit of training and a little bit of watering.

On Thursday we planted in more of our containers. We planted Green Zebra, Golden Rave and Japanese Black Trifele.

On Saturday our lemon tree was finally trimmed. I made four holes underneath the lemon tree and my wife planted Blush, Great White, Blue Gold (Siberian Tiger) and Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(1). The Pink Berkeley Tie Dye grown from seed is now a keeper and will be designated as Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(2).

My wife had tested the bottom of the pulp pot containing Green Zebra. Unfortunately, it gave. However, we had an extra pulp pot container so this evening we transferred Green Zebra into the new unused container.

This may be it for the tomato planting this year (Famous last words). My wife has the seedling count at 64 but I'll defer to my on line spreadsheet after it's fully updated.

Just about all the tomato plants look terrific. I'll list the ones that aren't. These include Paul Robeson and Black Cherry in the back yard. Both aren't growing as rapidly as the others, they have leaf curl and the color isn't as healthy as I would like. Both of these plants appear to have come from the same grower. Hmmm.... In the front yard, Vorlon has very good color but isn't growing as rapidly as the other plants in the "koi pond".

Other than that, we're off to the races!

It's my understanding that we're getting a big heat wave in the middle of the week, so we'll try to get all the tomato plants watered before then.