Friday, April 22, 2011

We're Not THAT Bad. Really.

I remember reading the following article in the Los Angeles Times. Here is the link.

After reading it, I thought "People think we're bad, but that's ridiculous." Planting 70 different varieties of tomatoes? Growing hundreds of tomatoes?

Last year we planted nearly 80 tomatoes.

And last month Kevin, mentioned in the article, put in attic insulation for us.

But we're not that bad. Really. Don't even think of it. Honest.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Planted Paul Robeson

Last night I planted Paul Robeson in the back yard cut out. The brick path to the original raised bed in the back yard (by the telephone pole) will be slightly modified to accomodate the room needed for this seedling to grow.

My wife changed her mind about the Green Zebra seedling to be planted. We won't replace the seedling in the back yard cut out and instead plant the new seedling in the "corner office".

I glanced at all of the seedlings last night. They simply look great.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Planted 2 More Seedlings In Pots

Yesterday I planted Jaune Flamme and Stupice in our two remaining large pots.

Saturday I watered the back yard and Sunday I watered the front yard. I also picked up a Green Zebra along with some potting soil and planter mix at Green Thumb. I was going to replace this purchased Green Zebra with the one we grew from seed, but I held off, thinking that this seedling wasn't looking as bad as it did earlier in the week.

My wife came back from a week in Hawaii late last night. We took a tour of the tomatoes. My wife was amazed by how much they grew while she was away. A heat wave over the weekend will do that!

We have two remaining seedlings to plant. During our 11:30 PM tour my wife still wanted to swap Green Zebras, leaving Paul Robeson to be planted somewhere yet to be determined.