Monday, April 18, 2011

Planted 2 More Seedlings In Pots

Yesterday I planted Jaune Flamme and Stupice in our two remaining large pots.

Saturday I watered the back yard and Sunday I watered the front yard. I also picked up a Green Zebra along with some potting soil and planter mix at Green Thumb. I was going to replace this purchased Green Zebra with the one we grew from seed, but I held off, thinking that this seedling wasn't looking as bad as it did earlier in the week.

My wife came back from a week in Hawaii late last night. We took a tour of the tomatoes. My wife was amazed by how much they grew while she was away. A heat wave over the weekend will do that!

We have two remaining seedlings to plant. During our 11:30 PM tour my wife still wanted to swap Green Zebras, leaving Paul Robeson to be planted somewhere yet to be determined.

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