Monday, May 18, 2015

Planted Two More Tomatoes; Harvested Isis Candy

On Tuesday I harvested an Isis Candy.

Because we planted late this year, my wife left the fruit on the seedlings planted in the raised beds. I'm in complete agreement with that strategy. The roots of the tomato plants in the raised beds don't get that deep (the roots reach the original ground and essentially "hit the wall") so there simply isn't too much to lose by keeping the tomatoes on the vine.

My wife tried it a few days later and didn't like it. However, this is an early tomato. I'll wait for the big flush before making a judgment. That and I didn't taste this one ;)

On Saturday my wife planted Nebraska Wedding and San Marzano in the southwest raised bed. I dug two more holes for our last tomatoes...but our son woke up from a very late nap and my wife couldn't plant them.

Today my wife watered the front yard tomatoes.