Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seven More Plants With New Tomatoes

The new tomatoes are coming fast and furious.

Last night I noticed that Zapotec Pleated, Green Grape and Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge have tomatoes. And these new tomatoes had been around for more than a day or two. I had been looking at Zapotec Pleated nearly every day, moving branches around and whatnot, finding nothing. This tomato plant is already “thick”, lots of branches being sent up the cage. But last night – oh, there's a tomato that's nearly an inch in width! It sounds silly but on some tomatoes you gotta know where to look.

This morning I cut away the undergrowth on all the tomato plants. By definition I got a closer look at all the tomato plants. I noticed new tomatoes on SunSugar, T. C. Jones, Japanese Black Trifele and Topaz. Now these tomatoes aren't even the size of a small button. In a couple of cases, even much smaller.

Next projects -- Remake the “moats” (or at least the “catch basins”) and send out notifications for my 2010 on line documents.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Purple Tomato

Now here's a real purple tomato...

Eight More Plants With New Tomatoes

My wife purchased a small white trellis and a couple of cages for our tomato plants. They were installed by the time I got home in the evening.

We added a stake to Black Oxheart. The plant has better support and has lost the lean.

I continued to “train” the plants and looked them over fairly thoroughly. I found six tomato plants with new tomatoes: Marianna's Peace, Red Cherry, Black Krim, Babywine, Brown Berry and Garden Peach.

This morning I found two more – Chile Verde and Snow White.

Also, SunGold also has tomatoes but this was discovered a few days ago and forgot to include it.

Look out, here come the tomatoes!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three More Plants With New Tomatoes; Documents Are Done

Yesterday evening I completed logging all the tomato tag information for the back yard tomatoes. The document comes in at a svelte 55 pages. After dinner, I “trained” all the tomato plants.

Weeping Charlie, Black From Tula and Husky Cherry Red are the plants with new tomatoes on them.

My wife watered the front yard tomato plants, gave fertilizer and watered all the pots in the back yard as well as the three tomatoes in the raised bed. This morning I watered all the tomato plants that were in the ground in the back yard.

If you'd like to view the two on line tomato documents I've prepared or follow the 2010 tomato harvest on our on line spreadsheet, send me an email or post a comment to this thread and I'll add your email to the distribution list.

The next tomato chore is to cut away the low growth on some of the tomato plants – the growth that's hitting the soil. Also, I need to use tomato tape on a few branches for a couple branches. And I need to fix some of the watering holes around the tomato plants. But these chores can all be done over the weekend, time permitting. For now, though, I need to rediscover the gym.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Front Yard Volunteer Has A Tomato

I didn't do much work on the tomatoes yesterday. But I did notice that the front yard volunteer has a growing tomato on it. So all three of our volunteers have growing tomatoes on them.

I worked a bit on the back yard tomato document this morning, entering in information for about eight more tomato tags.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Three More Plants With New Tomatoes; Saint Pierre Removed

I did a little bit of “training” in the evening. I noticed that Saint Pierre was wilting and gave it some water.

There were at least three more plants with new tomatoes on them: Red Currant(2) (Red Currant(1) had a tomato at the time of planting that wasn't removed), Sweet 100 and Volunteer(2). Speaking of Sweet 100, my wife moved the pot because it was getting too much sun in the original location.

We went out to dinner and came back to a little bit of light. I worked on the back yard tomato document. I entered tag information for four or five tomatoes before the sun set. I've gotten most of the containers in the back yard and one or two of the ones in the ground.

My wife looked at Saint Pierre and it didn't look any different than before. She thought that it might be attacked by cutworms and took out the plant. Turns out that the stem was bruised so much that it couldn't support the rest of the plant. We suspect that maybe wind gusts over the weekend and on Monday injured the plant beyond repair.

So my wife took it out and replaced it with tomato seeds from three different types. We're sorry to see Saint Pierre go but it just means another opportunity to grow plants from seed.

This morning I completed the front yard tomato document for 2010. It is 16 pages long.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lots Of New Growth

My wife watered all the tomato plants on Friday afternoon (no small feat). Later that evening we went to visit relatives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

While we were there we planted three tomato seedlings for them.

We got back Sunday evening. My wife checked on our seedlings and was surprised at how much they grew in two days.

This morning I caught up on “training” the tomato plants. There was a lot of growth on most all of the plants. I only noticed one plant with a new tomato – Dr. Wyche's Yellow(2), planted on March 3rd. But many plants that I've reported as having tomatoes on the vines have multiple tomatoes on their vines. And new growth!