Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tomatomania 2011 Video

I managed to get some background time around the 6 minute mark in this video.

Ten In The Ground

My wife planted ten tomato seedlings in the back yard yesterday.We're so busy with things that I don't even know their names. I hope to fill in these details later. When I got home last night I opened up a 50 pound bag of gypsum and spread the gypsum over part of our unplanted growing area in the back yard. I shoveled it in as fast as I could, then raked the ground and watered it in to the soil.

TomatoMania was both fun and exhausting as usual. Do a Google search on TomatoMania 2011 and see what's returned.

One of the TomatoMania customers I helped had some mild notoriety about 15 years ago. I recognized him immediately. In the course of asking general questions, I asked him where he resided. I do this to all customers, as the tomato choices will vary if one resides in Venice versus, say Woodland Hills. He told me that he was off of Mulholland and another cross street (I won't say and it doesn't matter) so that verified that I knew the identity of this person. I said "I know who you are." but spoken to convey "I recognize you" and no more. We walked around and I picked out about 20 tomatoes of all shapes, colors and sizes and left him to pick several more. I believe he picked up a few strawberry plants as well but I could be wrong about that. At the counter he held out his hand and said "I'm Bob". Later on I put his seedlings in the back of his car.

He came back to his car and actually tipped me. What a nice thing to do! I immediately put it in my left back pocket...catching my shirt, putting both the end of my shirt and whatever money he tipped into my pocket. The moment I moved, the end of the shirt came out along with the tip. I never saw it again! That's okay, I'm smiling as I write this. He didn't need to do that...not that I wouldn't mind if he came back next year!

Over the last two weeks we pulled out most of the rest of the grass in our new planting area. I pulled up a lot of asphalt with a lot of it in large chunks.

My wife has also planted new tomato seeds recently.

I just got a message from my wife. The ten in the back yard are Snow White, Brandywine (Red or Yellow, we're not sure), Green Zebra, Quedlinburger Fruehe Liebe, Black and Brown Boar, Negro Azteca, Berkeley Tie Dye, Oaxacan Jewel, Coyote and Black Krim.