Thursday, May 29, 2014

We're Harvesting!

Tuesday's harvest includes 3 Stupice.

We're harvesting! We tried a couple of the Stupice and they taste like you'd expect -- a fresh tomato with a "classic" tomato taste. Nothing spectacular, nothing unusual, just a tomato you can slice in half and toss it into a salad. We're off to the races!

I added fertilizer to Black SeaMan. My wife watered it in and trimmed the burned leaves (the dogs pee on this plant for some reason). The plant does not look good but we hope for a turnaround.

Wednesday's harvest includes 2 Stupice.

My wife replaced the destroyed Blush with Momotaro.

Today's harvest includes 3 Stupice.

I cut a lot of the low branches for all the tomatoes again and did a lot of training. During my cutting and training I noticed several plants with tomatoes. These include German Orange Strawberry, Black Krim, Snow White, Pierce's Pride and Nyagous.

Every plant in the "koi pond" now has a growing tomato except Berkeley Tie Dye.

I added a stake to support Volunteer(2).

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