Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Harvested Back Yard Lime Green Salad Today!

Today's harvest includes 16 Salisaw Cafes, 13 Stupice, 8 Kimberly, 7 Paul Robesons, 4 back yard Black Krims (6 ounces, 12 ounces, 10.5 ounces), 3 Piccolos, 2 Cherokee Chocolates, Black Plum Paste, Black Cherry, Italian Market Wonder, Garden Peach, Lime Green Salad (from the “koi pond”), Jaune Flamme, Thessaloniki, Black From Tula, Red Currant, Sioux, Old Ivory Egg, Husky Cherry Red and a new one: Lime Green Salad from the back yard!

In case I didn't mention it, my wife made tomato sauce over the weekend using most of the dark tomatoes on hand and a Red Yellow Cap.

I went to our computer user group board meeting in the evening and brought a bunch of tomatoes. They were happy! My wife went to a movie with our seed lady and brought a bunch over. Per my wife, she was very happy to receive them.

And the former mother-in-law to our seed lady received tomatoes over the weekend. She writes I ate one last night that literally made me moan, it was so good. Farmer Bill does it again!

Our Manchester Terrier got another tomato that was “Kimberly sized”.

I thought I'd have another poor total today. I had three plants left to harvest and I knew the totals weren't good. But, the last three plants to pick were Kimberly, Salisaw Cafe and Stupice. Not so bad anymore!

The back yard Lime Green Salad was actually picked several days ago and left to ripen in the house. It was picked early so the Manchester Terrier wouldn't get it. It is now ready to be eaten.

Keep your fingers crossed, but there are several good looking blooms on Yellow Brandywine – Platfoot Strain. Hopefully one or more turn into tomatoes!

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