Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I left work early today. I needed to get some rest.

But when I got home, our black trash can (Tuesday is our trash day) had landed on top of the Lime Green Salad near the curb. I pulled it off, adjusted the outside cage and noticed I had lost one of the tomatoes.

The worst was yet to come. Thessaloniki had toppled over. Since it was tied to both Black From Tula and Red Yellow Cap, those two plants were pulled down as well. Yikes!

I got some large stakes (forgetting to get thick tomato tape) from Green Thumb in preparation for the job ahead.

When I got back, our neighbor had appeared and offered to help. We propped up Black From Tula, then Thessaloniki, then Red Yellow Cap.

But the lost tomatoes has made this a disaster. In short, I lost about 40 beefsteak tomatoes. 3 Black From Tula tomatoes were ripe, but broken. I may have lost all of the Red Yellow Cap tomatoes. Some of them weighed nearly a pound. Looks like I lost about 10 pounds of tomatoes.

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