Thursday, August 7, 2008

Harvested Evan's Italian Plum Today!

And today's harvest includes 16 Salisaw Cafes, 7 Stupice, 5 Cherokee Chocolates, 3 Zhezhas (back yard), 3 Snow Whites, 3 Husky Cherry Reds, 2 Lime Green Salads (from the “koi pond”), 2 Piccolos, Aker's Plum, Black Plum Paste, Kimberly, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Black From Tula, Paul Robeson, Black Krim (front yard, 6 ounces), Polish Pastel, Green Grape, Black Krim (back yard), Lime Green Salad (back yard) and a new one: Evan's Italian Plum (9 ounces)!

Last night I took another look at the Lime Green Salad next to the curb, the plant that got munched by the trash can falling on it. Turns out it had been completely uprooted and was no good anymore. I threw it away.

My wife watered the front yard yesterday.

I picked a ripening Thessaloniki today but it was another damaged one. Sigh.

I need to do some tomato taping this evening and water the back yard, time permitting.

Today I had a first: While looking at Black Plum Paste, I noticed a caterpillar on it! My first caterpillar of the year.

I've noticed what looks like caterpillar damage and remains, especially on Salisaw Cafe. I've thrown out around 30 partially eaten tomatoes on the plant and I've seen signs of what looks like caterpillar poop on this plant and others, but I haven't seen any leaves being eaten. Since I've seen one today I'll look more closely at the other plants.

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