Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still No Tomatoes On The Last Two Plants

Today's harvest includes 10 Piccolos, 7 Red Currants, 6 Salisaw Cafes, 4 Cherokee Chocolates, 3 Zhezhas (front yard container), 3 Black Plum Pastes, 3 Stupice, 2 Lime Green Salad tomatoes (from the plant near the street), 2 Green Grapes, 2 Thessalonikis, White Bush, Italian Market Wonder, Prairie Fire, Big Rainbow, Red Yellow Cap (10 ounces), Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter and Gregori's Altai.

I used some bug spray for a couple of the tomato plants per my wife's suggestion.

I bought some thin green plant stakes from Green Thumb and used them to support Evan's Italian Plum, Polish Pastel, Big Rainbow and White Bush. I did a bit of tomato taping as well.

We have three new tomatoes starting to ripen – Aker's Plum, Black Krim (back yard) and Zhezha (back yard).

Unfortunately, Jeff Davis and Yellow Brandywine – Platfoot Strain still show no signs of any tomatoes on their vines.

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