Friday, July 25, 2008

Harvested Old Ivory Egg Today!

And today's haul includes 9 Salisaw Cafes, 8 Black Plum Pastes, 7 Piccolos, 6 Husky Cherry Reds, 6 Red Currants 5 Stupice, 3 Kimberlys, 2 Prairie Fires, 2 Cherokee Chocolates, 2 Green Grapes, a beautiful 10 ounce Sioux, Zhezha (back yard), White Bush, Lime Green Salad (from the “koi pond”), Thessaloniki and a new tomato – 2 Old Ivory Eggs!

I had thought the Old Ivory Egg tomatoes weren't progressing very fast. From a distance I didn't see much of a difference. Fortunately I looked up close this morning and two of them were clearly ready, a soft yellow color.

Our Manchester Terrier is at it again. He picked a four ounce unripe tomato yesterday evening. Later on I went outside to throw something in the trash. I heard rustling behind me but didn't pay attention as I didn't have a flashlight. When I came back the Manchester Terrier had a ripening Aker's Plum on his blanket. I immediately tied him up. Yesterday morning I thought I saw two ripening Aker's Plum tomatoes on the vine, now there are none. In other words, he may have picked and eaten one along with the other two I spotted.

I watered all the tomato plants and added worm castings to all the container plants that are growing tomatoes.

The Red Currant plant is completely brown. My wife asked me if it's okay to pull it out of the ground. I still want it around as I think it'll get a second wind.

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