Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Harvested Aker's Plum!

The harvest picked up today. 14 Red Currants, 11 Black Plum Pastes, 7 Cherokee Chocolates, 7 Green Grapes, 6 Husky Cherry Reds, 6 Salisaw Cafes, 6 Stupice, 6 Piccolos, 4 Sioux (one 7 ounces), 4 Kimberlys, 2 Lime Green Salads (from the “koi pond”), Black Cherry, Arkansas Traveler, Black Krim (back yard, 9 ounces), Prairie Fire, Zhezha (front yard) and a new one, Aker's Plum!

The Aker's Plum was deemed ripe enough to make the harvest pile. And yes, I'll wash it well before eating it or handing it out elsewhere.

In the front yard, Black Krim and Old Ivory Egg tomatoes are ripening. I thought Micro Tom was done, but it has new tomatoes on it.

Today I harvested as many tomatoes (79) as I had in the last two days. The back yard total was 42, the highest it has ever been. The back yard totals have been larger than the front yard totals for 4 of the last 5 days.

Also, this is our highest harvest total since July 1. On July 1 we harvested 98 tomatoes, 78 of them Red Currants.

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