Saturday, July 12, 2014

Harvested Speckled Roman(2), Solar Flare and Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(1)!

Saturday's harvest includes 38 Orange Paruche, 16 SunGold, 16 Sunchocola, 13 Matt's Wild Cherry, 6 Evan's Purple Pear, 6 Garden Peach(1), 4 Garden Peach(3), 3 Jaune Flamme, 3 Garden Peach(2), 3 Husky Cherry Red(1), 3 Sugar Snack, 2 Adriana's Grande (6.5 ounces, 14.5 ounces), 2 Earl of Edgecombe (7 ounces), 2 Earliana, 2 Bread and Salt (10.5 ounces, 6 ounces), 2 Indigo Rose, 2 Snow White, 2 Stupice, Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(1) (new, 10.5 ounces), Speckled Roman(2) (new), Solar Flare (new), Indigo Apple, Yellow Perfection, Berkeley Tie Dye, Hungarian Heart (10.5 ounces), Black Cherry, Odoriko and Husky Cherry Red(2) for a total of 135 tomatoes.

Speckled Roman(2) wasn't a surprise and neither was Solar Flare (I had forgotten to mention it previously as a maturing tomato). However, Pink Berkeley Tie Dye(1) was a surprise to me. The tomato harvested today was a beautiful tomato. Solar Flare appears undersized but I believe this is another one we grew from seed.

My wife watered the front yard tomatoes the previous night.

We had a tiny run on Garden Peach tomatoes, harvesting 13 from our volunteers.

We've now harvested over 600 Orange Paruche tomatoes (623), 400 Sunchocola tomatoes (414) and over 100 Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes (106) this year!

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