Monday, July 7, 2014

Harvested Indigo Rose, Nyagous and Berkeley Tie Dye!

Today's harvest includes 24 Sunchocola, 16 Orange Paruche, 9 Sugar Snack, 5 Jaune Flamme, 4 Matt's Wild Cherry, 3 Berkeley Tie Dye (new), 3 SunGold, 2 Indigo Rose (new), 2 Nyagous (new), 2 Earliana, 2 Husky Cherry Red(1), Yellow Perfection, Adriana's Grande, Earl of Edgecombe, Stupice and Garden Peach(3) for a total of 77 tomatoes.

All of our newly harvested tomatoes look good. Berkeley Tie Dye wasn't a surprise as noted in yesterday's posting. Indigo Rose wasn't mentioned though I have been keeping an eye on it. I didn't notice the orange blush underneath a couple of the tomatoes, indicating ripeness. Nyagous was a pleasant surprise. We may have more Nyagous tomorrow.

Boy, Earl of Edgecombe is a pretty tomato. Bright orange tomato that looks nearly polished.

We barely beat yesterday's harvest total of 73 tomatoes. It looks like the first flush of Orange Paruche tomatoes is ending and the question remaining to be answered is will we get a second wave? I suspect we will. We've harvested nearly 500 Orange Paruche tomatoes this year (483), it's still early July and it's not a large tomato. The plant will hopefully have enough energy for another push. Sunchocola will definitely have another push but it isn't clear if it will be a long first wave or we dip and start up again. On a curious note, I'm harvesting some mature Sunchocola tomatoes that are nearly five feet off the ground. The top end of the "harvest zone" is already pretty high on this plant.

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