Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Harvested Michael Pollan!

Today's harvest includes 39 Orange Paruche, 17 Sunchocola, 10 SunGold, 4 Matt's Wild Cherry, 4 Snow White, 3 Sugar Snack, 2 Adriana's Grande (13.5 ounces), 2 Stupice, 2 Husky Cherry Red(2), Michael Pollan (new), Yellow Perfection, Bread and Salt (12 ounces), Hungarian Heart, Jaune Flamme, Garden Peach(2), Green Grape and Husky Cherry Red(1) for a total of 91 tomatoes.

I harvested about an hour earlier than I normally do so that I could water the rest of the back yard tomatoes. As such, I expected to miss a few harvestable tomatoes due to the low light. This could have affected the Sunchocola numbers today (a dark, prolific tomato). We'll see if they shoot up tomorrow. Then again, I may wake up early one more time...

As I was watering the tomato plants in the raised bed area, I was surprised to notice a ripe Michael Pollan. After looking it over it was clear we couldn't keep it, but a tomato just next to this one was not only ripe but just fine. I also noticed a ripe Green Grape and a hidden Garden Peach(2).

Pierce's Pride looks awful and may be pulled shortly.

I did catch up on the back yard tomato watering, leaving the front yard "koi pond" remaining to be done.

We've now harvested over 300 Orange Paruche tomatoes (328) this year.

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