Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Scrub Jay Is Destroying Our Maturing Tomatoes In The Back Yard

Today's harvest includes 5 Orange Paruche, 2 Yellow Perfection (new) and Stupice for a total of 8 tomatoes.

Very late last night I remembered that Jaune Flamme had maturing tomatoes and I hadn't checked on them in the morning. I went out and looked like one of the maturing tomatoes was simply gone and the other one was 80 percent eaten away.

This morning I checked on Sugar Snack. 2 of them were mature and both of them were torn apart by birds.

All the bird damage is coming from the back yard.

Today's Stupice was a maturing tomato from the broken branch from a few days ago. The other tomatoes on the branch will not mature and will be thrown away.

My wife bought some more bird netting and other items designed to placate or scare away this evil scrub jay. However, we didn't have time to install any of it today.

Here's a picture of some of our harvested tomatoes over the past few days.


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