Sunday, June 8, 2014

SunGold and Orange Paruche Have Maturing Tomatoes!

Thursday's harvest: None. A ripe Stupice got pecked by a bird so I had to throw it away.

Friday's harvest: None. The next ripe Stupice got hit by a bird again. This tomato was pretty torn apart. When I went to pull it off, a whole branch of unripe Stupice came off with it. Grrrrrrrrrrr......

The Pineapple Pig tomato plant has a lot of leaves turning yellow and doesn't appear to be growing at the same pace as others.

Saturday's harvest: Sunchocola.

I noticed that Speckled Roman(1) and Golden Rave have growing tomatoes. Also, I should mention that Persimmon(2) (not Persimmon) had growing tomatoes some time ago but I had forgotten to mention it.

Today's harvest: Sunchocola.

I did a fair amount tomato training late in the evening.

SunGold and Orange Paruche have maturing tomatoes! In fact, I pulled off an Orange Paruche that looked ripe. I'll add that to tomorrow's totals.

Plants with growing tomatoes include Blue Beauty, Berkeley Tie Dye (now all the tomato plants in the "koi pond" have growing tomatoes), Indian Stripe (but the plant looks lousy) and Speckled Roman(2).

Sunchocola and Adriana's Grande are 6 feet tall. That's right, 6 feet tall. It's June 8, folks! This is ridiculous. German Orange Strawberry isn't that far behind, heightwise.

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