Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bread And Salt, Sugar Snack Have Maturing Tomatoes!

Today's harvest includes 14 Orange Paruche and 3 Sunchocola for a total of 17 tomatoes.

I was a bit aggressive with the Orange Paruche harvest, making sure that the birds didn't first pick them off.

I took a look at SunGold and I could tell which tomato was lost to the scrub jay.

Solar Flare has a growing tomato. And Bread and Salt has a maturing tomato.

My wife watered the rest of the back yard tomatoes and noted that Sugar Snack has maturing tomatoes.

I forgot to mention that I cut away the yellowing branches on Pineapple Pig yesterday. Today I hand pulled out some of the dead and yellowing branches and leaves on Adriana's Grande.

Here's a picture of me next to Sunchocola.

There's a bit of an optical illusion with the potato bush against the house (they kind of merge together), but Sunchocola is as tall as me (and I'm a shade under six feet tall). Some of the top branches are taller than me. There are tomatoes all over this plant. IT'S ONLY JUNE 10!!!!!!!

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