Thursday, April 19, 2012

Planted Bloody Butcher and Ramapo

This evening I planted Bloody Butcher in the hole started yesterday. This plant had several tomatoes growing on it. Normally I recommend that tomaotes and buds be removed when transplanting into the ground. In essence this "resets" the plant to focus on root growing. But this plant had a nearly one inch tomato, a half inch tomato and three other tiny tomatoes growing. The nearly one inch tomato convinced me that the plant wouldn't fully "reset" and just go with what I got. But I planted it a bit too deep. Hopefully the plant takes root and grows, at which point we can add soil to the base.

I made another hole in the "Far East" about two and a half feet away. I was still pulling out rocks and asphalt (you know the story, repeated it many times), but this time I decided the hole was deep enough to plant Ramapo. But I know there's rocks and debris below where I stopped. I did a better planting job on this one.

I know it's good for the garden to pull out all the rocks, bricks and asphalt but it will take years and years and years to see the results.

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