Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Planted Black From Tula; Husky Cherry Red(2) Has A Tomato!

In my first hole tonight I planted Black From Tula in an area that abuts the backyard cutout. There wasn't much in the way in rocks or asphalt. The lack of both led me to believe I had cleared a part of this hole previously.

I tried to make a couple of holes next to Black From Tula. The first hole hit a sprinkler line while the second hole hit a wooden divider separating the backyard cutout from the dirt area east of the lemon tree. No go.

So I tried a hole in the "Far East". This area is near our backyard fence opposite our back door to the east. It's known for being quite rocky and containing a lot of asphalt. And this hole didn't disappoint -- I hit a lot of both. I got down about two feet when the sun got too low. I had worked on this hole for over a half hour. I left the shovel in the hole and called it a night. At least I'll have a jump on tomorrow.

The other item of note is that Husky Cherry Red(2) has a 3/4 inch tomato growing on it! 

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