Saturday, April 21, 2012

Seven Seedlings Planted Today!

Yesterday I got off work a bit later than I have, and was only able to make a hole in the ground ready for planting, but no planting done.

Last Friday, we got over an inch of rain. This Friday, it got over 98 degrees at Pierce College. Wild weather.

Today I knew it was going to be hot again but I had chores to do. I set my alarm for 7 AM but by the time I got home it was after 9:30 and it was heating up. I dug two more holes before I started to overheat and left it at that.

In the evening it started to cool down after getting up to 95 degrees. I dug two more holes while my wife planted. The first hole was easy. I must have dug there previously. I saw crushed gypsum in the hole (added last year), the soil was good with very few rocks. The second hole, though, more than made up for the first. I hit asphalt with every shovel dig.

My wife had noticed that several of the tomato plants need additional soil. So our plan to counteract that is to dig holes, add fertilizer to the soil along with egg shells or a whole egg and place it all back in the hole. Tamp it down and fill it up again. My wife will partially dig it out again, enough to plant the seedling.

My wife watered the front yard and back yard tomatoes today. She planted Red Currant, Yellow Currant, Sweet 100 and Sweet Million in pots. Green Grape was planted in the south garden by the kitchen. Pink Furry Boar and Yellow Perfection were planted in the holes I made east of the lemon tree.

The weather is significantly cooler this evening.

I believe I am three holes ahead, meaning that I've dug and refilled three holes waiting for seedlings. I'll dig more holes tomorrow. 

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