Monday, June 6, 2011

2nd Tomato Harvested; 2 More Plants With Tomatoes

Today's harvest: SunGold

I've broke out the tomato tape this weekend. A few of the tomato plants have grown out the top of their cage and are sprawling out over the top of the cage. I used clear tomato tape to corral them for a bit longer. I also used tomato tape on several wayward branches that I couldn't tuck back in their cages.

Today I noticed that Neves Azorean Red and Hungarian Heart have small tomatoes. I'm especially happy to see Hungarian Heart have a tomato. Last year we grew Hungarian Heart in a pot and had no tomatoes.

Around 7 plants are turning shades of gray and showing leaf curl. We attribute this to getting too cold at night, though we're not positive that's why it's occurring.


J.P. said...

What is tomato tape? Did some google searches and came up empty - seems like this could be a simple solution for my own tomatoes that are also just now starting to overwhelm their cages (especially Sun Gold)...

Bill Anderson said...

Good question.

Look up "plant tape" or "garden tape" on Google and you'll see what I mean. It's usually a translucent green non-sticky tape that has some give. Last year we have also seen it as a transparent color and we use that. Any garden store will have it.