Thursday, June 9, 2011

Volunteers In The Raised Bed

Today's harvest: None

One SunGold, perhaps two, will be ready tomorrow along with a Matt's Wild Cherry. More Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes are beginning to mature.

I was going to report that another container plant has a tomato but I first need to do some checking as to which plant it is.

By my count I have 9 plants left without tomatoes.

Our second volunteer in the raised bed continues to grow. If it continues to grow and get flowers, I'll have to add it to our list.

Now that I mentioned it, I believe we now have four volunteer tomato plants in one of our raised beds. One has tomatoes -- the tomatoes look good but the plant doesn't. Another volunteer sprung up in the exact same spot as this volunteer. The plant looks great but has no tomatoes yet. Since they are so close -- the base of the two plants are less than a half inch apart -- I'll treat it as one volunteer plant unless the second plant produces tomatoes that are different than the other plant.

About eight feet away is a third volunteer (which I'm calling the second volunteer) about four or five inches tall and looking healthy.

And my wife spotted another volunteer just starting to grow.

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