Friday, June 3, 2011

Harvested First Tomato of 2011! Two More Plants With Tomatoes

Yesterday's harvest: SunGold.

On Wednesday I noticed that Michael Pollan had two growing tomatoes. My wife completed watering the back yard tomatoes.

Last night I noticed Black Seaman(1) had a growing tomato. Also, the corner office tomato plants were watered.

The training of the tomato plants to grow tall has been going on both in the morning and in the evening. Some branches are growing an inch or more a day and there's always branches to tuck or redistribute somewhere else.

The big news is that we harvested our first tomato last night! I was surprised to see a ripe SunGold tomato. I harvested it, my wife cut it in half and we shared it. Good taste but the skin was a bit heavy.

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