Monday, July 6, 2009

Three More Plants With Maturing Tomatoes!

Today's harvest includes 22 Red Currant, 15 Sweet Olive, 9 White Currant, 8 Yellow Perfection, 6 Red Grape, 4 SunSugar, 4 Jaune Coeur de Pigeon, 3 Italian Ice, 3 Paul Robeson, 2 Snow White, 2 Sweet 100, 2 Jeff Davis, Turkish Striped Monastery, a back yard Garden Peach, Jaune Flamme, Cherokee Purple and Patio for a total of 85 tomatoes.

And we have three more plants with maturing tomatoes: Tiger Paw, Amazon Chocolate and the front yard Garden Peach. Over the next four days we should have harvested tomatoes from ten new plants! That should be the start of the flood...

Black From Tula fell down yesterday. My wife watered the back yard plants. When Black From Tula was watered the stake came loose and the plant fell. Now falling down isn't a good thing at all but it happened because there are a lot of tomatoes on the vines. Fortunately no real damage was done – the main stem didn't break or snap – so we picked it back up, staked it again, taped it up, added another stake and tied the two stakes together. I checked it this morning and the plant seems none the worse for wear.

I took the stake out of the Jeff Davis cage to be used to support another plant.

We bought a tomato press on Saturday and it was put to full use by my wife yesterday. Images to come.

I watered the front yard yesterday.

The 15 Sweet 100 seems like an anomaly. But I was pretty careful today. Sweet Olive and Sweet 100 are in the same container and their branches comingle. Also, Red Grape can look like Sweet Olive. I think Sweet Olive's numbers may have a couple tomatoes that should be either Red Grape or Sweet 100.

We tried Husky Gold yesterday but we found it a bit blah. Adding salt helped it, though.

The front yard Paul Robeson plant looks exhausted.

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