Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Five New Tomatoes Harvested!

And today we harvested 31 Red Currant, 10 White Currant, 7 front yard Paul Robeson, 7 Yellow Perfection, 7 Sweet Olive, 3 Jaune Coeur de Pigeon, 3 Snow White, 2 Red Grape, Turkish Striped Monastery, back yard Garden Peach, Husky Gold, SunSugar, Jeff Davis and five new tomatoes: Mong, front yard Garden Peach, Japanese Black Trifele, a beautiful 12 ounce Amazon Chocolate and Orange Blossom for a total of 80 tomatoes.

Today was the largest front yard haul to date (46 tomatoes).

This harvest was unusual in that no Sweet Olive tomatoes were harvested.

We have another plant with a maturing tomato. The back yard Paul Robeson has a tomato that has just started to mature.

Marz Round Green has at least one bloom on it.

I needed to reset the stake for Black Krim this morning. The plant was falling into Jaune Flamme.

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